समिति जानकारी

Ghuisarnath Dham Prasar Samiti!

Welcome to Ghuisarnath Dham  Prasar Samiti  !!!!!
Ghuisarnath Dham Prasar Samiti is a not for profit organization formed to spread the philosophy, word and preachings of Baba Ghuisarnath Dham.This non-profitable making social service oriented N.G.O. which will be registered soon.
       Lot of people joined Samiti.we promote baba dham mandir .We have focused firstly dist. level for promotion then we will go outer side of our pratapgarh dist. then u.p. level and make this Temple popular in the india and world.We know this is too hard but because of baba dham power we can do this in 10 year to 20 year. Now a days samiti is on starting stage it made by some devoties of our pratapgarh but now samiti is increasing with devoties of baba dham. you can ask Mahant ji about samiti and samiti is going better because of your type of guys they all supporting us . We are going to register this samiti from u.p. government and  this samiti approved by shree shiv morthi mahanth ji and we are going to all information convert in the hard copy and we will also distribute books on baba dham our local areas and outer areas like kunda , patti , amethi, gauriganj and raibareli with all info and aim of samiti . if you want to join samiti your most welcome .Some members active on internet some are local areas and some people outside of dist.This samiti will tell you all thing and all name of member area vise please wait … we have declared some but we will declare all information soon .

Our organization also conducts social work in the community to help the people in need irrespective of the religion. The need may be charitable, relief activities or emotional support.

Our organization is keen to establish religious, cultural, spiritual and education growth awareness in the community.  We encourage our youth to enrich their knowledge through religious education, devotional singing and leadership skills through volunteering work in our Youth Club programs.